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Circular commerce native to Shopify

Add circular business models like rental and resale to your Shopify store.
So you can produce less, grow more, and make sustainability profitable.

Calendar Rental
Membership Rental
Subscription Rental
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Calendar Rental
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Membership Rental
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Subscription Rental
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Unified Checkout

Run sales & circular together

No need to confuse your customers with multiple storefronts and checkouts. Let them buy from new, buy pre-owned, rent, and subscribe—all on the same Shopify store. One checkout. One, unified user experience.

  • All your circular models under one roof
  • Checkout with any combination at a time
  • A single source of inventory

Run sales & circular together
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Integrate your existing tech stack

Supercycle is built to partner with all your tools—from returns, to logistics, accountancy, marketing, and more. Bring circularity to where your tech and customers already exist and lean on a thriving partner ecosystem to grow.

  • Deep connections with the Shopify ecosystem
  • Bringing you accuracy and automation
  • Plus a robust API to achieve the custom and complex

Integrate your existing tech stack
Reduce complexity

Everything you need to operate a circular business

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Single-SKU inventory

Go beyond the SKU by serializing your inventory to track each item individually. See where every single item is, its condition, and a full timeline of events and interactions.

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Real-time item availability

Show availability of all your Supercycle stock live on your store. Never double-book an item and give customers a fast, easy experience.

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Returns management

Track all your rental returns and membership swaps. See what’s being returned, when it’s due, and control your restocking and buffer periods.

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Customer management

Get a clear view of all your circular customers. See active bookings, outstanding returns, lifetime value, full activity timeline, and more.

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Workflows & automations

Use Shopify Flow to create powerful automations based on Supercycle data. Trigger email & SMS flows, list items to resale, and more.

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In-store rentals & returns

Allow customers to rent and return in any physical retail locations. Just connect Shopify POS and your Supercycle inventory stays up-to-date.

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Self-serve customer portal

Let customers manage their own returns and memberships with a self-serve portal. Tailor to your business by controlling settings and design.

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Rental & resale reports

Get insights into your circular business with detailed reports. See popular (and unpopular) products, high value customers, and everything in between.

Brand operators love using Supercycle™

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Shopify review

"Supercycle turned our tech nightmares into tech dreams! Ryan and his team are so knowledgeable, so creative and helpful, so patient and know exactly what needs to be done. I can't recommend this app and team more highly."

Jenny Barrett Founder, SuperLooper
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Shopify review

"We have been nothing but impressed with Supercycle. Their technology is so desperately needed in the rental industry. Our membership numbers have scaled dramatically and our customer satisfaction has also dramatically increased. Would definitely recommend."

Lyndsay Mason Founder, For The Creators
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Shopify review

"I have worked with Supercycle for a couple of months now and I have had an AMAZING experience. They have completely changed the way I do business for the better and I cannot imagine running my rental company without them!"

Mila de Souza Founder, The Clothing Library
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Simplify your operation

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